Discover our new hose U-Jet !

23 November 2020

Tricoflex is innovating…

Tricoflex is one of the European leaders in the manufacture of flexible, low pressure, thermoplastic hoses for industry. Encouraged by its over 60 years of know-how, today, Tricoflex has decided on a new challenge…

… high pressure

Tricoflex has set out to conquer high pressure! We have put all our know-how and R&D efforts into designing a sewer cleaning hose with and for our users. Discover our first innovation in the field, U-JET® !

What is sewer cleaning?

Sewer cleaning is used to clean sewers by sending high pressure water through it. This tough application requires an easy to use, robust hose that withstands the abrasion caused by debris; which is one of the benefits of U-JET®.


Preview tested by several users, U-JET® has proved its robustness and performance.

Its lightweight and flexible design makes it possible to clean up to 100 metres without difficulty while reducing water and fuel consumption during the work.

Its polyurethane coating combined with its double aramid reinforcement guarantees high abrasion resistance. Tested under the ISO 6945 standard, U-jet® meets current abrasion resistance standards.
A new sewer cleaning solution, U-JET® is easy to use and makes it possible to optimise working time: a saving of 13,000 euros per year compared to a braided steel solution.


Safety first

U-JET® benefits from all the Tricoflex quality of service: each hose is subjected to a 375 bars pressure test and is delivered with its certificate.

Complementary products

You can find on our website the entire Tricoflex line for sewer cleaning: fittings, intake and discharge hoses, water and multi-purpose hoses (SPIRABEL® M.D.S.E PERFORMANCE, SPIRABEL® M.D.S.E PERFORMANCE SOFT in straight lengths, M.D.S.O, STEEL COIL, TRICOFLEX® and TRICOCLAIR®).

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