Sewer cleaning hose for high pressure in severe situations.


Emptying and cleaning

Sectors of activity

Sewer cleaning


U-JET® is an easy to use sewer cleaning hose. Its lightweight and flexible design make it possible to easily clean sewers and optimise the work. 

Tested under the ISO 6945 standard, U-JET® meets current abrasion resistance standards and has high endurance in difficult environments. 

Each hose is accompanied by its 375 bar pressure test certificate to guarantee its safety.


The hoses are fitted with male and female BSP fittings. The fittings can be sold separately.

Chemical resistance

The chemical resistance table is available on www.tricoflex.com, column A for the interior layer and column B for the outer coating.

U-Jet is not suitable for vehicles where the recycling pump is cooled by the recycled sewage water. Consult us.


U-JET TRICOFLEX SEWER CLEANING HOSE DN 25mm WP 250 bar / 3600 PSI   [batch number]



Discover U-JET in the video below!