Nobelair® AS/R

Reinforced hose for Breathing air.

In accordance with EN 14593 and EN 14594 standards. Antistatic, heat resistant and 5 layer construction with polyester reinforcement.


Specially designed for compressed air supply to individual protective apparatus which are in accordance with the EN 14593 and EN 14594 standards

Sectors of activity

  •  Nuclear power plants
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Paint application in building and manufacturing


NOBELAIR® AS/R hose is a top of the range hose, linking comfort of use to resistance in the most arduous conditions. Its extremely flexible, lightweight and user friendly.
Its considerable thickness ensures a retained profile.
The well balanced reinforcement provides it with excellent dimensional stability.
The antistatic inner layer of NOBELAIR® AS/R breathing air hose is a guarantee of safety if use in hazardous environments (paint booths, presence of hydro-carbons…). This capability is permanent, obtained by the addition of carbon directly into the hose material.


Metal connectors must be used to maintain electrical continuity: Quick connectors, barbed or serrated connectors. Swaged fittings can be used if they do not damage the hose.

Chemical resistance

See chemical resistance table: column B for the cover, and column A for the inner layer.


NOBELAIR AS/R for EN14593 & EN14594 Ø inn x Ø out Breathing air hose / Antistatic / Heat resistant / Decontamination proof [Year of fabrication] [Batch number]