Legal Notices and Website Terms and Conditions

Navigating on our Website constitutes your unconditional acceptance of our user terms and conditions, as mentioned below.

Only the current online version of these user terms and conditions will apply during your utilisation of the Website, until it is replaced by a new version.

1. Legal Notices

Website (hereafter « the Website »):

Editor (hereafter « the Editor ») : TRICOFLEX SAS, a simplified joint-stock company, with a paid-in capital of €1,909,416, whose Registered Office is at 17 Avenue Jean Juif, 51300 Vitry-le-François, France: registered with the Châlons-en-Champagne Register of Commerce and Trade under N°380 333 427

Publications Manager: Mathieu PERARD.
Telephone number: 00 33 (0)3 26 73 67 67
E-mail Address:

Design and Production:

Horizon Bleu
35 Rue Buirette
51100 Reims,
Tel : 00 (0)3 26 40 16 17

Website Host (hereafter « the Host »):OVH SAS, a simplified joint-stock company, with a paid-in capital of €10,174,560, whose Registered Office is at 2 Rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix, France: registered with the Lille Métropole Register of Commerce and Trade under N°424 761 419.

Telephone number: 00 33 (0)9 72 10 10 07

2. Website Access

Access to, and use of, the Website are for strictly personal use only. You hereby undertake not to use this Website, and the information and data included on this Website, for commercial, political or publicity reasons, and for any type of commercial marketing, particularly the sending of unsolicited spam e-mails.

3. Website Content

All the brand names, logos, photographs, texts, comments, illustrations, images, animated images, videos, audio recordings,  as well as all computer applications which could be used to make the Website function, and more generally all elements reproduced or used on the Website, are protected by the current French intellectual property rights in force.

They remain the full and exclusive property of the Editor and their partners. All reproductions, representations, uses or modifications, in any form whatsoever, in all or in part, of these elements, including the computer applications, are strictly prohibited, unless subject to prior written approval by the Editor. The fact that the Editor may not start legal proceedings immediately upon being apprised of such unauthorised utilisations, does not mean that they have accepted such unauthorised utilisations, nor does it mean that they have renounced starting legal proceedings.

4. Your contributions

You remain solely responsible for all Content, particularly photos, text, comments, data, graphics and illustrations, that you upload, submit, send to, or publish on our Website.

You warrant and represent:

  • That you will not publish Content that is defamatory, hateful, racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic, revisionist, discriminatory or pornographic,  and not use the participatory functionalities for commercial purposes, political or religious purposes, publicity (non-exhaustive list) and that you will not publish information that encourages or allows the counterfeiting of works or software programmes, or which explains how to undertake such operations.
  • By uploading or submitting Content to the Website, for example text, images, audio recordings, videos, you warrant and represent that you have the legal right and permission to do so for all such Content. Furthermore, you hereby guarantee our company to be the owner of all rights related to the published Content, and/or if such Content is not subject to such rights, you must indicate the name and source of such publications, and/or any third party written works which you cite or use.

You accept that our company may use, reproduce, communicate, edit, adapt or modify your Content, particularly on our Websites and/or those of other Group companies, in their annual reports, projects, or when making public presentations. Please note that such use of your Content for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden.

5. Website Management

To ensure proper Website management, the Editor may, at any time:

  • Suspend, interrupt, or limit access to all or part of the Website, or reserve access to the Website, or certain parts of the Website, to a specific category of users;
  • Remove any information which may perturb the efficient functioning of the Website, or breach national or international law, or the rules of Netiquette.
  • Suspend use of the Website to carry out updates.

6. Responsibilities

The Editor cannot be held responsible if access to the Website, or one of its functionalities, is denied due to a fault, breakdown, difficulty or interruption of functionality.

The material you use to connect to the Website is under your sole responsibility. You should take all appropriate measures to protect your material and your personal data, particularly against an Internet virus attack. Furthermore, you are solely responsible for the websites and data you consult.

The Editor cannot be held responsible if you are subject to legal proceedings:

  • Because you used the Website and other services which are accessible via the Internet;
  • Because you did not respect these Terms and Conditions.

The Editor cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss you may have incurred, any loss incurred by third parties, and/or damage to your equipment, due to the fact that you connected to the Website and/or your navigation on and utilisation of the Website. Furthermore, because of the aforementioned, you hereby renounce entering into any legal proceedings against the Editor.

If, subsequent to your connection to, navigation on, and utilisation of the Website, the Editor is subject to legal proceedings, or a suggested out of court settlement, instigated by you, the Editor will themselves, begin legal proceedings against you for any damages or loss incurred, any costs incurred and to overturn any decision of the courts which may go against them.

7. Hypertext Links

It is strictly prohibited to put in place hyperlinks to all or part of the Website, unless authorised in advance and in writing by the Editor. Requests must be made in writing to the following address: 17 Avenue Jean Juif, 51300 Vitry-le-François, France.

The Editor is free to refuse such an authorisation, and without having to justify their decision in any way whatsoever. Should the Editor decide to grant such an authorisation, however, it will only be a temporary authorisation and can be rescinded at any moment, without the Editor having to justify their decision.

In any case, any such hyperlink must be removed when requested by the Editor.

Any information or data which is accessible via a hyperlink to another website, or websites, is not under the control of the Editor, who, therefore, cannot be held responsible for the content of such website, or websites.

8. Personal Data Protection

The company TRICOFLEX, being responsible for data processing, may require the submission of certain personally identifiable information, including: identification and contact information  (family name, first name, e-mail address, telephone number), CV, educational and professional career pathways, relative to unsolicited job applications or for existing job offers.

The information collected is recorded in a computerised file and processed in order to study your application and decide whether or not it corresponds with the position you have applied for, or another position in our company. More generally, such files not only help us to manage the recruitment process, and to contact you for an interview, but also, and subject to no opposition on your part,  to contact you in the future if a job which corresponds to your CV becomes available in our company.

This type of processing is, in part, necessary in the interview process in order to analyse your application and determine if we wish to proceed to a job offer, and is also based on the legitimate interests of our company, inasmuch as we keep your personnel file in case a job matching your profile becomes available. So, this type of processing helps to optimise our company’s recruitment procedure and is equally beneficial for both the candidates and our company.

Each of the personal data categories has an obligatory characteristic. When you make an online application, we clearly indicate what data/information is obligatorily required, and what is optional.

Your personal data is not accessible internally, except for the services which need to see it for the interview process mentioned above: the Human Resources Department, and the in-house department having the position available, for which you applied.

We may use external service providers, acting as subcontractors, to carry out services related to the data processing we undertake. Such service providers offer services in terms of website hosting, data processing, managing databases or computer maintenance. These service providers only work based on instructions received from our company and are subject to the same obligations of security and confidentiality as we are.

The data collected is kept as long as is necessary in order to comply with the purpose for which it was collected and processed. If your job application is successful and you join our company, your personal data will be kept as long as you are employed by our company  (for the duration of your employment contract) and the relative applicable period afterwards, at the end of which it will be deleted (5 years after you leave). If your job application is not successful, your personal data will be kept for a period of 6 months, after which time it will be deleted. If we want to keep your file open after this period, we will notify you. All personal data collected is automatically deleted at the end of a 2-year period after our last contact.

Your personal data will be kept on secured servers with the strictest confidentiality. Our company undertakes to take all reasonable and appropriate measures, both organisational and technical, to prevent the personal data you provided being disclosed, used, altered, lost or destroyed.

Under current French legislation, the Data Protection Act, you benefit from the following rights concerning your personal data: – The right to be informed, – The right of access, – The right of rectification, – The right to erasure, – The right to restrict processing, – The right to object to the processing of your personal data when such processing is based on a legitimate interest by our company, – The right to data portability, – The right to give us specific instructions concerning the use of your personal data after your death. – The right to ask the CNIL (the French independent administrative authority protecting privacy and personal data)
to proceed with checks of the information concerning you.

To exercise your rights and for any questions concerning the processing of your personal data in this context, please contact : The Human Resources Department, 17 Avenue Jean Juif, 51300 Vitry-le-François, France or

After contacting us, if you consider that your « Data Protection Rights » have not been respected, you can make a complaint to the CNIL.

9. Cookies

By using the Website, you accept that the company TRICOFLEX uses cookies, and that subsequently the data obtained from their cookies placed on your device will be processed. Cookies are small data files/trackers which are placed on the device used (desktop computer, portable computer, tablet…) as soon as you enter an internet website via your web navigation software. The cookies are stored on the hard drive of your device with no risk of damage.

Different types of cookies are used:

  • Cookies which are strictly necessary: These cookies are essential for navigating our Website and using its procedures.
  • Performance Cookies: These cookies collect information analyses concerning the way our Website is used by users, for example the pages most frequently visited, and if users receive Website error messages.

Particularly important are analytical cookies generated by Google Analytics and the cookies involved in the personalisation of the user interface (for example, choice of language and presentation).

Such information is only used to manage the Website and improve user experience.

The information is not used to create user profiles or to receive targeted publicity.

Cookies can be used on your computer or mobile device for different durations. Certain cookies are “session cookies”, which means that they exist only while your navigator is open, and are automatically deleted when you close your navigator or leave the application programme. Other cookies are “permanent cookies”, which means they are still active after you have closed your navigator or application programme, and can be used by websites and applications to recognise your computer when you later re-open your navigator or your application. Some of the cookies we use can be permanent cookies. When your agreement is requested for their utilisation, the validity period you approve for the cookies to remain on your device is 13 months.

10. Product photographs and representations

Product photographs, accompanying their description, are not contractual and are not binding on the Editor.

11. Service conditions

This Website is proposed in HTML5 and CSS3 languages, providing more comfortable usability and better, enjoyable graphics: we recommend that you use modern navigators, such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, …

12. Governing Law and Competent Courts

These Website Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with French Law, and disputes arising in connection with these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Paris courts, unless otherwise specifically stipulated in a particular law or regulation.

13. Contact

For all questions and requests for further information concerning the products presented on the Website, or concerning the Website itself,  please send a message to the following e-mail address: