Profiline Aqua Extra Soft

Multi-layer hose for transfer of chemicals and food liquids.

Highly flexible four-layer hose made of soft TPE with polyester fabric.


  •  Transfer of food liquids
  • Drinking water (Germany)

Sectors of activity

  •  Food industry
  • Fairs
  • Exhibitions
  • Chemical industry


  •  Extraordinary flexibility.
  • Good dimensional stability.
  • Smooth surface.
  • Very suitable for roll-up systems.
    The lining of Profiline Aqua Plus Soft is perfect for most food liquids. That is why this hose was approved KTW-Empfehlung (Drinking water Germany) by the Hygiene Institute from Ruhr.
    These checks are:
    in the KTW recommendation for an examination of the chemical deposit in drinking water, tested on the end product.
    the DVGW W270 test is a microbacteriological material test.
    Compared to the Profiline Aqua Plus and the Profiline Aqua Plus Soft, this new version is much more flexible and therefore very well suited for applications with very narrow bending radius. The Profiline Aqua Extra Soft redefines the concept of flexibility in drinking water hoses.


Swaged, barbed or serrated connectors. Band, worm drive, screw or ‘O’ type clamps.
Crimping is possible with non-cutting connectors.

Chemical resistance

The Profiline Aqua Extra Soft is mainly designed for drinking water. It can also be considered as chemically resistant to standard household cleaners based on weak acids, low concentrations of oxidizing agents and weak alkaline solutions. Please, contact us.


PROFILINE-AQUA EXTRA SOFT ø int 10 BAR KTW «A» + W270 geprüfter Trinkwasserschlauch   (EU) N°10/2011 [année de fabrication] [N° lot]