Profiline Aqua Plus Soft

Multi-layer hose for transfer of chemicals and food liquids.

Flexible and highly resistant, five-layer soft-PE hose with polyester fabric.


  •  Transfer of food liquids
    Drinking water (Germany)

Sectors of activity

  •  Food industry
    Chemical industry


High flexibility.
Excellent dimensional stability.
High resistance.
The lining of Profiline Aqua Plus Soft, in PEHD, is perfect for most food liquids. That is why this hose was approved KTW-Empfehlung (Drinking water Germany) by the Hygiene Institute from Ruhr.
These checks are:

  • in the KTW recommendation for an examination of the chemical deposit in drinking water, tested on the end product.
  • the DVGW W270 test is a microbacteriological material test.

Besides, it is inert chemically, which makes Profiline Aqua Plus a hose suitable for the transfer of compatible chemicals. The special structure PVC ensures a flexible resistant hose.


Swaged, barbed or serrated connectors. Band, worm drive, screw or ‘O’ type clamps.
Crimping is possible with non-cutting connectors.

Chemical resistance

See table pages 104 to 107 column E.
Profiline-Aqua Plus Soft is compatible with a wide range of aggressive chemical products (acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, solvents). There are, however, known incompatibilities and we do not advise Profiline-Aqua Plus Soft to be used with the following products:
Sulphuric acid smoking or bichromated, bromide chemicals, chlor-based chemicals, chromosulfonic acid, sulfonic chloride nitric acid (> 50%), gaseous flour, liquid phosgene, butylphenone, oil of camphor, sulphur trioxyde.


PROFILINE-AQUA PLUS SOFT ø inn 16 BAR KTW «A» + W270 geprüfter Trinkwasserschlauch (EU) N°10/2011  [year of fabrication] [Batch number]