Spirabel® GMDS

Multipurpose hose. Reinforced with a white, rigid and shock-proof PVC spiral in a soft PVC wall.


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SPIRABEL® GMDS is a resistant, flexible and economic hose. Its very smooth internal wall reduces the flow losses.


Guillemin or Storz symmetrical connectors, cam or universal joint connectors – Fastened with single-thread or spiral clamps (SERFLEX).
Crimping and band clamps are not recommended as they do not ensure a perfect seal and increase the risk of the spiral being crushed and breaking.

Chemical resistance

See chemical resistance table, column A
We recommend to use SPIRABEL® M.D.S.O or SPIRABEL® PUA2 for the transfer of hydrocarbons.


Spiral hoses in general have an elongation under pressure that can be important when temperature is above 40°C. This has to be considered before installation. We remain at your disposal for any question on this issue.


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