Flexible, resistant, low pressure multipurpose hose.

Four layer thermoplastic design with polyester fibre textile. Braided reinforcement and Thermopolymer lining.


Compressed air for arduous industrial uses
Transfer of certain chemical products (please consult us)
Agro-chemical industry

Sectors of activity

  •  Industry in general


TECHNOBEL® is a high resistant flexible hose with a polyester inner wall. This inner wall provide the TECHNOBEL® hose with resistance to a range of chemicals as a complement to the TRICOCLAIR® hose.
Thanks to its constituent materials and the quality of its reinforcement, TECHNOBEL® hose offers minimal distortion under pressure with very good ageing resistance capabilities, as well as good resistance to mechanical strains (impacts, flattening, pressure cycles).


Quick connectors, barbed or serrated connectors. Band, worm drive, screw or ‘O’ type clamps. Cap connectors. Swaged fittings can be used if they do not damage the hose (particular care must be taken to avoid damaging the thermoplastic lining.

Chemical resistance

See table pages 104 to 107 column A for outer layer, col. D for inner layer.


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