Hose for agricultural spraying (20 and 40 bar).

Three layer design, in flexible PVC, with high resistant polyester fibre reinforcement.


  •  Herbicide spraying treatment of fields, paths, roadside verges, public parks …
  • Insecticide treatment
  • Liquid fertilizer transfer and spreading
  • Can also be used for compressed air supply

Sectors of activity

  •  Agriculture (motorized and towed spraying equipment)
  • Agro-chemical industries
  • Public authorities
  • Public Works departments


The balanced reinforcement of TRESS-NOBEL® enables it to withstand high pressure with minimal distortion. Thus, it can withstand extended and frequent pressure impulse cycles.
Furthermore, the PVC composition eliminates any risks of cracks appearing (particular defect of rubbers), thus improving safety and a long service life. TRESS-NOBEL® 20 and 40 bar hose withstands prolonged exposure to all climatic conditions.


Quick connectors, swaged connectors, barbed or serrated connectors.
Band, worm drive, screw or ‘O’ type ring clamps. Rigid plastic barbed connectors with clip clamps. Swaged fittings can be used if they do not damage the hose.

Chemical resistance

See chemical resistance table, column A.


TRESS-NOBEL 20 BAR Ø inn x Ø aus /Ø inn x st. [Batch number]

TRESS-NOBEL 40 BAR [Batch number]