Tricoflex® Performance

Five-layer knit water transport hose for professional use.


  •  Watering
  • Irrigation
  • Water supply and delivery

Sectors of activity

  •  Farms
  • Vegetable growers, horticulture
  • Water supply and delivery in industry,
    construction sites and road works


TRICOFLEX® PERFORMANCE combines high resistance and exceptional flexibility thanks to a multi-layered structure and an exclusive knit technique.
Resistant to abrasion, bad weather conditions, UV, crushing, and repeated pressure cycles, with a low curve radius preventing folding: these intrinsic qualities make the difference every day and for the long term.
TRICOFLEX® PERFORMANCE even has a red interior wall specially formulated to improve flow and resisted to polluted water, for a longer life span even in the case of especially tough use.


Connectors with band, screw or ‘O’ type clamps. Automatic connectors for watering.

Chemical resistance

See table pages 104 to 107 column A.


TRICOFLEX PERFORMANCE Tricoflex Non Torsion Technology [N° lot]