Tricoflex® R

Flexible multi-layer hose.

Exterior covering in ultra UV resistant PVC. With woven polyester fibre reinforcement and two-layer smooth black lining.


  •  Automatic sprinkler installations in greenhouses (mounted on motorized carts)
  • water transfer and supply
  • main supply of micro-irrigation networks

Sectors of activity

  •  Farms
  • Horticulture
  • Water supply in industry and on construction sites and road works


The multi-layer design ensures that Tricoflex® R is both highly flexible for easy handling and has an excellent resistance to repeated bending, crushing and tensile stress.
A greatly resistant woven fibre and modified materials compared to TRICOFLEX® make Tricoflex® R a product particularly well suited to gantry sprinkler equipment in greenhouses, with increased resistance to tensile forces.
In addition, the inner surface is extremely smooth, thereby maintaining an even flow.
Especially thick and made of high quality materials, Tricoflex® R offers remarkable aging resistance with exceptional preservation of flexibility.
Its exterior yellow PVC covering gives it good protection against abrasion and UV rays.


Connectors with band, screw or ‘O’ type clamps.

Chemical resistance

See table pages 104 to 107 column A.


TRICOFLEX R Tricoflex Non Torsion Technology  [Batch number]