Transparent hose for hydrocarbons.

Three layer design, with two clear PVC layers sandwiched around a polyester fibre braiding.


All fuel lines:

  •  For pumps, circulation pumps, burners, vine heaters
  • For frost prevention, heating equipment…
  • Transfer of certain chemical products: petrols, certain acids and certain bases, oils, alcohols… (not suitable for aromatic hydrocarbons)

Sectors of activity

Automotive industry, assembly plants, plastics industry, food production industry, construction
Garages (for cars, lorries & agricultural machinery)
Woodworking, etc.


The composition of TRICOFUEL® hose material compound is designed specially for hydrocarbon transfer. Thus, its retains its flexibility, even after intensive use. It withstands repeated bending, whilst also offering excellent resistance to ageing. The clear aspect of both the core and the coating provides for easy visual control of fluids transfer.


Band, worm drive, screw or ‘O’ ring clamps.
Swaged fittings can be used if they do not damage the hose.

Chemical resistance

See table pages 104 to 107 column B.


TRICOFUEL [Batch number]