WRAS-certified low-pressure multi-purpose hose for transporting drinking water

4-layer design in transparent PVC with polyester reinforcement


The main application for Tricovend is the conveyance of mains water / potable drinking water.

Sectors of activity

Caravan Industry, marine industry, vending machines, drinking water.


TRICOVEND® is a flexible hose with high mechanical resistance, designed to transport drinking water incompliance with WRAS regulations in the United Kingdom.

It contains no harmful substances that could damage human health. Thanks to its perfectly smooth and odourless inner layer, our hose prevents the growth of micro-organisms: the taste and smell of the water are not adversely affected.

The primary materials used as well as the quality of its reinforcement give the hose excellent resistance to pressure, ageing and pressure cycling.


Connectors are compliant with WRAS requierements for the transport of drinking water. Setting is possible with non-damaging connectors (you must be particularly careful not to damage the polyester inner wall). Make sure before mounting that the end piece of the connector will not damage the inner tube (especially for poouly smoothed connectors that may have cutting edges).

Chemical resistance

Please consult table column D of the Chemical Resistance Chart of hoses.