Tube PU calibré (polyurethane)

High precision calibrated polyurethane tube (hardness 98 shA).

Mono layer design in flexible translucent or coloured polyurethane. Smooth inner and outer surfaces.


  •  Pneumatic controls
    Transfer of fluids and liquids under pressure: fuel and lubricants, lacquers and some solvents (please consult us)

Sectors of activity

Used for automatic functions on all types of machines: concerns numerous industries using assembly machines, packaging lines…


The calibrated PU tube is remarkable for its flexibility and lightweight. An active calibration process ensures an excellent dimensional accuracy. It has good general chemical resistance, especially for oils, hydrocarbons and some solvents. Its low friction factor is provided by the very smooth texture of the outer and inner surfaces. Varied colours help to identify the different networks easily. Packaging in a cardboard cassette facilitates storage.


Shut off connectors. P. C.L. type connectors.

Chemical resistance

See table pages 104 to 107 column C.


TUBE PU CALIBRE Ø inn x Ø out [Batch number]