Windflex® 1308 PU

Ester-based polyurethane hose reinforced with a spring-loaded quality steel coil. Recommended for intensive use.


  •  Suction and expulsion of powders, pellets, abrasive particles, oil fumes 

Sectors of activity

  •  All industries, timber and paper, plastics, quarries, construction 


 Highly flexible ducting. Very smooth interior. Highly resistant to repeated bending. Good abrasion and vacuum resistance. Electrical bonding by connecting the steel coil at both ends. 


 Semi-heavy clamp or bearings. Before assembly, make sure that the connector is not hazardous to the inner tube (particularly in the case of poorly fettled and therefore sharp fittings). 

Chemical resistance

See chemical resistance table, column C.


WINDFLEX® 1308 PU   Ø inn  [Batch number]
Made in France