Windflex® 1500 PU

Flexible ducting in polyurethane ester with wall reinforced with a coppered steel wire helix. Spring quality.

Thickness between 0,5 and 0,8mm. Potential equalisation, earthed at the ends of the steel spiral.


  •  Suction of many powders and granules

Sectors of activity

  •  Agriculture
  • Perfume industry
  • Industries including wood and paper
  • Plastics processing
  • Road maintenance


Windflex® 805 PU ducting provides an excellent compromise between a high flexibility and a proven mechanical resistance. Wall thickness and spiral pitch vary by diameters to optimise performance.


Connectors with wire collars. Small diameters can be screwed into themselves. We recommend checking before assembly that the fittings cannot harm the inner wall.

Chemical resistance

See the Chemical resistance Chart of Hoses pages 104 to 107 column C.


â WINDFLEX® 805 PU â Ø inn  [Batch number]
Made in France