Windflex® 2200 PU

Ester-based polyurethane ducting reinforced with a coated steel spiral. Recommended for intensive use.

UL94 V2 certified non-flammable polyurethane.


Suction and expulsion of powders, pellets, abrasive particles, filings, shavings, gravel, sand

Sectors of activity

All industries: timber and paper, plastics, quarries, construction


The durable WINDFLEX® 2200 PU ducting offers excellent resistance to negative pressure, abrasions and repeated bending. Its extremely smooth internal surface limits pressure loss. Equipotential bonding can be achieved by connecting the steel spiral at both ends.


Regular single-wire hose clamps. Before assembly, make sure that the connector is not damaging to the inner tube (particularly in the case of poorly deburred and sharp fittings).

Chemical resistance

See chemical resistance table, column C.


WINDFLEX® 2200 PUR Ø int

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Made in France