Windflex® 600 PU AL

Flexible ducting in polyurethane ether with wall reinforced with a galvanized steel wire helix. Spring Quality.

Potential equalisation, earthed at the ends of the steel spiral. PU rated non flammable UL94 V2. Halogen free.


  • Suction of:
    Sawdust and chips
    Food powders
    Air and fumes

Sectors of activity

  •  Wood industry


WINDFLEX® 600 PU AL ducting is extremely flexible and due to the 100% ether-based polyurethane wall of- fers very good mechanical resistance. Extremely good abrasion resistance, flexibility and elasticity. Remarkable for its wide temperature range of use.


Connectors with wire collars. Small diameters can be screwed into themselves. We recommend checking before assembly that the fittings cannot harm the inner wall.

Chemical resistance

See table pages 104 to 107 column C.


 WINDFLEX® 600 PU (EU) N°10/2011 â Ø inn [Batch number] Made in France