Windflex® 805 AL

Flexible ether-based polyurethane ducting, reinforced by a spring-loaded quality copper-plated steel coil embedded in the wall.

Wall thickness of 0.7 to 0.8 mm. Electrical bonding by earthing the steel coil. UL94 V2 certified non-flammable polyurethane. Halogen-free.


Suction and expulsion of all types of powders, pellets, filings, and shavings

Sectors of activity

All industries: agriculture, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, timber and paper, plastics, public roadworks


Utmost flexibility and tried and tested mechanical strength. A wall thickness and helical pitch adapted according to diameters, in order to respond to the most common current requests.


Regular single-wire sleeve clamps. Simply screwing two lengths of the same diameter together may also be possible in some cases (with small diameters). Before assembly, make sure that the connector is not hazardous to the inner tube (particularly in the case of poorly fettled and therefore sharp fittings).

Chemical resistance

See the Chemical resistance Chart of Hoses column C.


WINDFLEX® 805 PU AL   (EU) N°10/2011   Ø inn

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Made in France