Soudage ISO 3821 (EN 559)

Rubber hose for welding.

Three layer hoses, made of SBR, with textile fibre reinforcement.


  •  Gas welding (oxy-acetylene)

Sectors of activity

  •  Industry
  • Building
  • Shipyards


Those hoses comply with ISO 3821 standard. They are very flexible (even at low temperature) and have a very good resistance to abrasion prolonging hose life. They can be used in any climatic conditions. They are available in simple tube, blue for oxygen, red for acetylene, or in a strong twin-tube construction.


Standard welding hose fittings with Worm drive or ‘O’ type ring clamps. Crimping is possible with non damaging connectors.


NF EN 559 – ISO 3821 – OXYGENE – 2 Mpa (20 BAR) – Ø inn – TRICOFLEX – [year of manufacturing]* – made in EU

NF EN 559 – ISO 3821 – ACETYLENE – 2 Mpa (20 BAR) – Ø int – TRICOFLEX – [year of manufacturing]* – made in EU