Spirabel® SNT-A

Hose with a rigid spiral and a conductive copper wire.

Both spiral and wire are embedded in a transparent soft PVC wall.


  •  Suction and delivery of low abrasive powders
  • Transfer of grains
  • Suction of plastic compounds in granules or powders
  • Transfer of liquids

Sectors of activity

  •  Food industry
  • Agriculture
  • Transformation of plastics


Thanks to its rigid spiral, SPIRABEL® S.N.T.-A is both resistant to vacuum and crushing. It can withstand repeated flexing and its transparency allows observation of transferred products. This hose should be used where there is a risk of electrostatic charges from the abrasion on the floor.
SPIRABEL® S.N.T.-A smooth inner wall assures low flow losses, avoids retention zones and helps the cleaning.


Symmetrical connectors (Guillemin or Storz) with wire collars as cover is not smooth. Swage fittings and band collars are not advised as they could lead to leakage or spiral break. We recommand checking before assembly that the fittings cannot harm the inner wall.

Chemical resistance

See table pages 104 to 107 column A.


Spiral hoses in general have an elongation under pressure that can be important when temperature is above 40°C. This has to be considered before installation. We remain at your disposal for any question on this issue.
Do not use SPIRABEL® S.N.T.-A for the transfer of hydrocarbons. We recommend using SPIRABEL® M.D.S.O or SPIRABEL® PUA2 for this application. For very abrasive powders, use polyurethane hoses like SPIRABEL® PU A2.


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