Technobel® PU

Extra flexible hose for hydrocarbons transfer.

Four layer thermoplastic design, with an inner polyurethane wall. Reinforcement formed of a high resistant polyester fibre textile braiding.


  •  Transfer of petrols, oils and fuels, and certain solvents
  • Transfer of moderately abrasive products,
    powders and granules
  • Agricultural spraying (insecticides, pesticides, weed killers, etc)
  • Agro-chemical industry

Sectors of activity

  •  Industry in general
  • Agriculture


The inner polyurethane layer, associated with specially formulated PVC compounds, provide excellent resistance to oils, hydrocarbons and numerous organic solvents. Moreover, the outer layer (black) provides good chemical resistance to hydrocarbons and solvent charged mist created by spraying. Finally, as the polyurethane is very resistant to abrasion and scratches (5 times greater resistance than PVC), mechanically aggressive products can also be transported by TECHNOBEL® PU hose (powders, granules, liquid mixtures…).


Quick connectors, barbed or serrated connectors. Band, worm drive, screw or butterfly clamps. Cap connectors.
Rigid plastic barbed connectors with clip clamps. Swaged fittings can be used if they do not damage the hose.

Chemical resistance

See table pages 104 to 107 column A for green outer layer, col. B black outer layer, col. C for inner layer.


TECHNOBEL PU Ø inn x Ø out / Ø inn x th. [PS/PLNE] BAR [Batch number]