High performance, multipurpose reinforced, food quality hose.

High resistant three layer design, in flexible, transparent, class A PVC, with high resistant polyester fibre reinforcement.


Multipurpose hose suitable for numerous applications:

  • Supplying compressed air for tools and machines
  • Carrying industrial gases
  • Carrying foodstuffs
  • Carrying certain chemical products (industry, medical, laboratories)
  • Supplying water (water treatment)ux)

Sectors of activity

  •  Automotive industry
  • Assembly plants
  • Plastics industry
  • Food production industry
  • Construction, garages (for cars, lorries
    & agricultural machinery)
  • Woodworking, etc.


The unique formula of the materials used in TRICOCLAIR® AL provides it with flexibility, long service life, higher UV resistance and greater transparency.
It is suitable for contact with food products and even alcohols up to 50 % by volume can be carried. For its part, the balanced reinfor-cement provides high pressure resistance with little deformation. Thus, it can withstand long and frequent pressure impulse a pressure cycles.


Quick connectors, swaged connectors, barbed or serrated connectors. band, worm drive, screw or butterfly clamps.

Chemical resistance

See table pages 104 to 107 column A. TRICOCLAIR® AL possesses broad chemical compati-bility. Amongst the products compatible under certain temperature and concentration conditions, we mention: certain acids (hydrochloric, acetic, boric, citric, nitric, phosphoric…); certain bases (sodium hydroxide, po-tassium…); bleach; sea water; salts (certain chlorides, nitrates, sulphates, phosphates, carbonates…).


TRICOCLAIR AL Ø inn x Ø out / Ø inn x th. (EU) No 10/2011 [WP] BAR [Batch number]