Tubclair® AL

Single layer multipurpose food quality tube in flexible, transparent, class A PVC.


  •  Carrying various non-pressurised liquids: water, certain acids and bases, foodstuff liquids such
    as milk, fruit juices, beer, wines…
  • Carrying powdered foodstuffs

Sectors of activity

  •  Industry in general
  • Food production industry
  • Laboratories


Designed with the finest quality materials, TUBCLAIR® AL is a flexible, very transparent, lightweight hose suitable for foodstuffs. Alcohols up to 50% by volume can even be carried, up to a temperature of 40°C. Amongst its other qualities, it has an excellent service life and benefits from higher UV protection.
TUBCLAIR® AL is available in a comprehensive range of diameters.


Barbed or serrated type connectors with band or butterfly clamps. Swaged fittings are unsuitable.

Chemical resistance

See table pages 104 to 107 column A. TUBCLAIR® possesses broad chemical compatibility. Amongst those compatible under certain temperature and concentration conditions, we mention: certain acids (hydrochloric, sulphuric…); certain bases (sodium hydroxide, potassium…); bleach; sea water; salts (certain chlorides, nitrates, sulphates, phosphates, carbonates…).
Warning : Usage for hydrocarbon leads to a loss of flexibility which can cause TUBCLAIR® AL hose degradation. Please contact us for further details.


TUBCLAIR AL (EU) No 10/2011  [N° lot]

TUBCLAIR AL  (EU) No 10/2011 [Batch number]