Thin-walled calibrated tubes made of Polytetrafluoroethylene.


  • For the transfer of chemical products
  • For the passage of fluids in high-temperature conditions.

Sectors of activity

  •  Industry
  • Laboratories


PTFE tubes are compatible with most chemicals. Fluoropolymers give the tubes excellent dimensional stability over a wide temperature range from -250 to +250°C. They are also non-flammable and electrically insulating.
The material with the lowest coefficient of friction, PTFE has remarkable anti-stick properties and is easy to clean. PTFE tubes have a perfectly smooth inner wall. They are white and slightly translucent.


It is best to use PTFE tubes with compression fittings usually used with nylon tube.

Chemical resistance

PTFE is the polymer which is compatible with the greatest number of chemicals. Acids, bases, hydrocarbons, numerous solvents, it is resistant to virtually all aggressive liquids.
See table pages 104 to 107 column H.



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