Super Thermoclean® 40

Average pressure industrial washing hose (40 bar at 70°C).

Six-layer design with double polyester fibre reinforcing.


  •  Industrial cleaning

Sectors of activity

  • Dairy industry
  • Communities
  • Shopkeepers, Craftsmen
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Industrial uses


  • Super material properties of THERMOCLEAN® 40 make it a high-performance, safe and reliable hose capable of meeting severe conditions:
    exceptional temperature performance (up to 70°C under 40 bar continuously, peaks possible up to 80°C);
  • six highly flexible layers provide excellent handling;
  • non-staining blue outer surface is resistant to oily products and detergents;
    excellent kinking resistance.


Barbed connectors with ‘O’ type clips (retighten the clips after first high temperature use).
Crimping is possible under certain conditions (please consult us).

Chemical resistance

See table column B


SUPER Thermoclean® 40 BAR / 70°C  (EU) N° 10/2011  [year of fabrication] [Batch number]