TRICOFLEX Safety Day: Awareness and Prevention

30 November 2023

Towards a safer working environment

At TRICOFLEX, safety is central to our commitment to the well-being of our staff. Organising a day dedicated to this theme is not just a formality, but an essential initiative.
At this event, our employees were not only able to actively participate in educational sessions, but also to share their innovative ideas for strengthening our safety practices. Each member of the TRICOFLEX community was able to understand the direct impact of their actions on the company’s overall safety.
Raising awareness, sharing experiences and acquiring practical knowledge were all key elements to emerge from the day.
By investing time and resources in this event and encouraging the active participation of everyone, TRICOFLEX is demonstrating its commitment to creating a working environment where safety is a fundamental value.

Clear objectives

More than just an annual event, this meeting is an essential step. This year’s main objective was to :

  • Raise our staff’s awareness of the risks associated with our business sector.
  • Strengthen their accident prevention skills.
  • Encourage communication and the sharing of good safety practice.

An experience rich in learning and exchanges

TRICOFLEX staff had the opportunity to take part in various informative workshops, during which they were able to learn more about safety, ask questions, share personal anecdotes and express their impressions.

Some activities, such as the workshop entitled “Where is the climate going”, highlighted the issues surrounding climate change and identified the levers available to us to take action.
Others, such as the “Stop and shock” workshop, gave us a clearer idea of the options available to us when faced with a potentially dangerous situation, such as the right to withdraw and the right to be alerted. The aim was to learn how to recognise a dangerous situation and communicate effectively about it.

A number of immersive games were also on offer, focusing on collaboration and team spirit. These fun workshops, consisting of riddles to be solved in order to open different boxes, were an entertaining way to learn.

Thanks to the “En route” escape game, for example, we gained an in-depth understanding of the dangers associated with road traffic (speeding, alcohol, over-consumption of fuel) through a series of fun stages. In particular, we had the opportunity to try out goggles that simulated a high blood alcohol level, to better understand the risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption.
Another escape game, “Gestes qui sauvent”, plunged us into a situation where a person was on the ground and unconscious. By solving riddles linked to this scenario, we learned what to do in an emergency, who to contact and what action to take.

During this friendly and collaborative day, participants enjoyed interactive learning and shared their personal experiences, strengthening the bonds within the Tricoflex team.

Warm thanks

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our suppliers, our staff and all those who contributed to the success of this memorable day. At TRICOFLEX, safety is our top priority, and we are proud to place it at the heart of our concerns.

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