Global recycling day at TRICOFLEX

18 March 2024
In this article, Tricoflex highlights the environmental challenges it faces, as well as the solutions it has put in place to promote a circular economy.


On Global Recycling Day, we want to encourage the adoption of recycling and reuse practices, and reinforce our commitment to a more sustainable future.

An increasingly constrained sector

Plastics, renowned for their environmental impact, are subject to increasingly strict regulations. These measures are prompting companies in the sector to rethink the way they use plastic, by encouraging reuse and recycling. So it’s imperative that they look for solutions, and consider the management of their own waste from a circular economy perspective.

Reintegrating PVC offcuts into our production process

At TRICOFLEX, we are committed to recovering 95% of our production off-cuts.
The waste is sorted by material and colour, then shredded. Our recycling line separates the PET fibre from the PVC material. The resulting semolina is mixed with external post-industrial shreds and then compounded to produce recycled PVC granules that we can use in the manufacture of new hoses.
We currently use almost 30% recycled PVC in our production, with the aim of reaching 50% in a few years’ time.

This process contributes to the eco-responsible manufacture of many of our products.

Our carbon footprint

By reintegrating PVC offcuts into our production and using recycled materials, we not only reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, but also limit our consumption of virgin raw materials.
By adopting this approach, we are making an active contribution to preserving natural resources and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with plastic production. What’s more, this practice enables us to meet consumers’ growing expectations in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

To build on this momentum, we have set ourselves a 5-year target of reducing our carbon footprint by 30%. To achieve this, we plan to increase the proportion of recycled PVC in our products and optimise our equipment. We aspire to make sustainability the very heart of our business, in order to design products that combine performance, environmental responsibility and circularity over the long term.

An approach that has already been rewarded

For the fifth year running, we were honoured to receive the “MORE” label, testifying to the effectiveness of our responsible and sustainable practices. We were also recently awarded the Ecovadis silver medal, in recognition of our performance in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

These distinctions encourage us to continue our efforts and enhance the value of our philosophy.

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