Interview with Joao Rebelo (Manu), Store Manager

18 April 2024

In this interview we meet Joao, or rather Manu to some people, who has been a pillar of logistics at TRICOFLEX for 20 years.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m Joao Rebelo (Manu), soon to be 40, and I’ve been part of the TRICOFLEX team for over twenty years.

My career with the company began after I obtained my CAP in injection extrusion adjustment, as an order picker. I acquired the necessary skills by obtaining my CACES (Certificat d’Aptitude à la Conduite d’Engins en Sécurité) and following a three-month training course, which opened the doors to the shipping department.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work in many different logistics roles, including forklift driver, order picker, dock agent, warehouse receipts manager and French shipping agent. Then, for five years, I worked as a 2X8 team leader with the manager.

I’ve now been store manager for over two years. I took a number of management training courses to reach this position, and I obtained a CQP (Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle) RE (Team Manager).

This 25-day training course, which was spread over 9 months, was a very constructive experience.

Can you describe your job?

I work as a Store Manager, supervising a team of 16 employees including order pickers, drivers and HAGEMAN operators. My main role is to ensure that our customers receive their deliveries on time, while managing my team efficiently and above all dealing with the day-to-day ups and downs.

There are several key aspects to this role:

Supervising the team in the field

I supervise the work of the operators, ensuring that safety standards are respected and that tasks are carried out correctly. If necessary, I help to prepare orders to support my team. I also welcome and train new members that join the team, and look after their safety and well-being.

Stock management

I coordinate stock-related activities, including incoming goods from production, incoming goods from trading, customer’s returns, tidying the store and preparing orders. I ensure the accuracy of entries and transfers, carry out inventories if necessary and make adjustments.

Maintenance of the equipment

I ensure that the shop’s equipment – wrapping machines, Hagemann orbital filmers, levellers and so on – is in good working condition, and report any problems to the maintenance team. I also keep an eye on the condition of the storage equipment and floors, and ensure that the forklift trucks are working properly. I also look after ERP-related problems in the logistics area.

Administrative tasks

I establish the storage depot’s weekly schedule by assigning employees to the various tasks: putting together and preparing orders in full lorries, regularising stocks, non-conformities and other tasks, etc.

IT management

Setting the parameters for items in stock, replenishing pickings, storage location according to item type, etc. I also handle supplier order receipts in our ERP system and ensure that it is correctly configured.

Which departments do you work with?

I work with several departments:

What are the most important skills you need to be a Store Manager?

Motivation, ambition and a desire to learn are fundamental skills if you want to develop as a Store Manager. It’s essential to be driven by a constant determination to improve. Listening to your team and being understanding are essential qualities. Good interpersonal skills and ensuring that your team works safely are also very important.

Experience also plays a crucial role. Thanks to my long experience in the company, I’ve held every position in my team myself. This gives me an overview and a legitimacy that reinforces the credibility of my actions and words.

Isn’t intergenerational management too complicated in your team?

Intergenerational management within my team is a challenge, but I feel that I am carrying out this responsibility satisfactorily overall. Communication is key, and I try to listen to my team, because our purpose is to progress together.

What is your least favourite job?

My least favourite task is estimating containers. This task involves meticulous calculations to maximise the use of space in a container while complying with size and weight constraints. This task is essential for maximising the efficiency of transport costs, which is why I devote myself to it seriously, even if it’s not my favourite.

And which is your favourite?

I particularly enjoy dealing with the unexpected. It’s a source of satisfaction to deal with challenges and complete tasks on time, even when there are obstacles. I also enjoy carrying out inventories. It’s a crucial part of logistics, and I like ensuring that it runs efficiently.

What do you like in general about TRICOFLEX?

I have a real passion for my work and a great appreciation for my team. Their constant motivation and contribution to getting things done is really appreciated.

What are you most proud of in your career?

What I’m most proud of in my career is my progression. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve worked up the ranks in my department. I started my career at a young age as an order picker, and twenty years later I’m store manager. That’s a huge source of accomplishment and pride for me.

TRICOFLEX has therefore been a great opportunity for my professional development, offering me the chance to acquire skills and reinforce my convictions about my work preferences. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has played a part in this development.

How do you motivate yourself in daily life?

Personally, my family, projects and challenges, as well as music, are a constant source of motivation. I enjoy a wide range of genres, from contemporary music to hits from the 80s.

Do you have a passion outside work?

I’m passionate about building and renovation work, particularly DIY. At the moment, I’m involved in creating a 90 square metre barn at home for horses.

If you could be anyone else and have a different life, who would you be?

I would still be me. I have managed to build a very fulfilling life, both personally, with my family, and professionally with TRICOFLEX. I’m very happy.

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