Frequently Asked Questions

23 July 2020


Where is your factory located, where are your products manufactured? TRICOFLEX is located in Champagne, 17 Avenue Jean Juif, in Vitry-le-François, France. Our products are manufactured in our factory.

Who are your shareholders? Our shareholders are Exel Industries

Does TRICOFLEX manufacture its own products? Our products are entirely manufactured in our factory, so we have total control of every step of our production.

Does TRICOFLEX also sell directly to OEMs? We sell 70% of our hoses via distribution and 30% to equipment manufacturers and machine manufacturers, thus benefiting from important technical partnerships for the evolution of our ranges.

Do you sell garden hoses? All TRICOFLEX production of garden hoses for consumers is marketed by Hozelock and Hozelock Exel, which are also part of the Exel Industries group.

Do you produce all the products in the catalogue? 90% of the hoses in our catalogue are manufactured on the Vitry-le-François site. They are complemented by products supplied by partners: PTFE, silicone, rubber, PU ducting, winders, trolleys and sprayers.

What are your latest innovations? We have recently developed the MDSE Performance, the Profiline Aqua Plus Soft, the Profiline Aqua Extra Soft and have integrated the Windflex range. In 2020, we offer washing hoses with an antimicrobial treatment.


What are your delivery times? The delivery time in France is 24h in Grand Est, Ile de France, Hauts de France, Burgundy, to 72 hours for the most southern regions or Bretagne. Delivery times abroad vary depending on the country, weight, palletization, and delivery choice.

Technical information

Can we get recommendations via the website? Technical information can be obtained by contacting technical support via the “contact” page.

Do you develop biodegradable products? We are very involved in the circular economy; our hoses are recyclable and we have our own recycling process that allows us to also process external waste. The hose is not a single-use object; therefore, it is not desirable for it to be biodegradable.

What types of fittings can be used with your hoses and where can they be found? Our hoses are compatible with common fittings on the market. You can find specific recommendations for each hose on its data sheet.

What is the advantage of a PVC cleaning hose over a rubber cleaning hose? TRICOFLEX ’s Thermoclean washing hoses are lighter and, thanks to the exclusive formulation of their materials, more resistant to greases and disinfectants. They have a longer lifespan.

What is the expiry date of the TRICOFLEX tube? Is there a sales deadline? There is no expiry or sale deadline on Tricoflex products.

How is it possible that PVC is also resistant to petrol and oil? TRICOFLEX manufactures its own PVC mixtures. We master exclusive formulations, some of which are resistant to oils and hydrocarbons.

Do you have FDA hoses? The FDA regulation is applicable in the USA but has no legitimacy throughout the European Union which has its own regulations. As regards plastics, this regulation is the European Directive EU 10/2011, to which all products in contact with food must comply. This is the case with all TRICOFLEX food hoses.

Do you keep all catalogue products in stock? All the products in our catalogue are available in stock on our Vitry-le-François site.

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